Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SHOCK WAVE by JEANETTE PEKALA to be released FALL 2015

SHOCK WAVE by JEANETTE PEKALA to be released FALL 2015

The much anticipated cover reveal and synopsis of the second book in the Culture Shock Series, Shock Wave.

Seventeen-year-old, Macy Holmes thought she had it all. The boy of her dreams is hers, the meddling witches are locked up, and she finally has true friends. That all goes down the drain when Chad goes missing, the witches have escaped, and her friends aren’t accompanying her to the small beach community of Cedar Key where her parents have rented a house for the summer.

Max Forrester, regardless of being the world’s biggest flirt, never thought he would love again until he met Macy Holmes. He still holds a torch for her even though she quickly fell in love with his best friend, Chad. When Max is sent to look after Macy while in Cedar Key, he shares a dark secret with her. The secret binds them together. Will they develop a more romantic situation or will Max forever be in the friend boat?

When Macy is captured, she sees the world through Chad’s eyes. Will she like what she sees or will it leave her trembling in fear of the monster Chad is capable of being? She will have to make the choice of whether her love for Chad is strong enough to overlook the ghastly deeds he has done or if ever reliable fun-loving Max is the man for her.

What will Macy do when she doesn’t know whom to trust? Friends have become enemies and enemies, friends. The stakes are higher in this thrilling sequel of Culture Shock all the way to the bloody end.

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