Saturday, October 5, 2013

FREE days on Amazon...Worth it?

Free days on Amazon...worth it?

Yesterday was my first free day on Amazon kdp select. I was apprehensive at first. I had the common thought all authors have. "Why would I list it for free? I won't make any money." "I don't want to devalue my work" . Even general skepticism like "will it even working to promote sales. "

After day one I'm pretty confident that it will boost sales. In just one day, I received 3000 downloads of Culture Shock. That's 3000 people that will eventually read it and talk about it, blog about it, review it on Amazon, or post to Twitter or Facebook. 

It's true that I didn't earn a dime but from a promotion standpoint it's gold. I've been getting such great reviews but not enough to generate any real attention. Amazon kdp select will help with that. You know after you read something on a kindle your asked to review it or rate it? Plus, you can post it to your corner of social media. Then after that if you didn't rate get that reminder email about a week later asking you to rate it.

Reviews on Amazon sell books on Amazon. I know as a reader I won't even look at the book's description unless it has over 100 reviews (mostly positive). So the amount of reviews is worth the risk of giving away your book for free for a few days. 

I'll keep you updated when it's all over and let you know how I did. Good luck to you all.

Happy reading, 


So it's been a month now since my FREE days on Amazon. I was shock at the amount of exposure I received. Even though I didn't make a cent, I was able to get my book in the hands of 4,125 people!!! I did do a lot of promoting via social media and through many of those FREE book referral sites.

I was a little ticked that many of my friends and family members took advantage of the free promo Thanks for the support!!! You couldn't spew out the $3.99??? No long as you leave a review...otherwise, you're getting kicked off my Christmas list.

Anywhooooo, I received after a month only 5 more reviews. It's a long book, so I'm hoping people are taking their time reading it and I'll get some more reviews. I can't complain though. They are all good reviews from complete strangers!

I will definitely do another FREE promo in the future, especially when my second book is released or just to boost exposure. I'll update this blog if the reviews rise drastically so you can see if the FREE days eventually pay off.

Thanks for hanging out and reading through my little experiment. Hopefully you've gained a little insight.

Reaching for the Stars,

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  1. Oh... you're the author of Culture Shock?! :O Never noticed, lol. I was one of the people who got a copy on Amazon. ^_^
    And I agree. But I'm not sure when I'll have the chance to read Culture Shock (too many books, lol). Best of luck! :)

    ~Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts