Monday, July 29, 2013

What's Your Writing Routine?

What's Your Writing Routine?

Do you have a routine as a writer? Is there a specific setting you are most comfortable in? Music or silence? Busy coffee shop or an office? Share with us what your routine is while writing.

Here's mine:

I used to be able to write much more often than I do now, so the frequency of my writing spouts are sporadic, but I still carry the same routine each time. First off, I make the biggest, most caffeinated pot of coffee I can. I'll set up my laptop in the meantime while I'm waiting for my pot of coffee to brew. Then I will sit either in the backyard (if I'm watching kids) or in a locked bedroom (if hubby is watching kids) and type away, taking sips from my coffee frequently (actually between paragraphs unless I'm on a roll). While I'm writing I like to have music without lyrics playing softly in the background. My favorite is the Skyrim station on Pandora. The sh*t kicks a$$. It's the perfect mix of soothing and action-packed. It has its highs and lows and is perfect for my genre of writing.

This routine has helped me to stay comfortable and inspired. So what's your routine? Have any quirks (like wearing your lucky underwear while writing)? Do you have a beverage or snack nearby? Are you surrounded by family or in solitude?

Please share. I'd love to know what your routine is when you write...

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