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How to Describe Hair Color

How to Describe Hair Color

From natural colors to funky streaks of blue and pink, hair color can help a reader visualize and even understand your character better. There are a few basic shades; blonde, brown, red, black, gray, and white. Why leave it at that? You want a vivid description of your characters so the reader can place together the different attributes the author has given them to create a fictional character in their mind.
Below is a list of descriptive words to liven up the natural colors, but don't stop at just describing the colors differently with fancy-dancy words. Remember characters can have almost any color hair you want to give them thanks to an invention called hair dye. There are highlights and lowlights. Natural hair color has highlights too. Exposed roots from where the hair has grown out which is a good description for explaining a disheveled character or someone who isn't vain about their looks and carefree.
Don't forget you can also describe hair color without using color at all.
Example: Her hair was as smooth and dark as melted decadent chocolate.  

Here are a list of different words to expand from the natural hair colors.

Blonde: ash, flaxen, golden, honey, platinum, tawny, wheaten, sandy, strawberry, dishwater, fair, bleached

Brown: bronze, mousy, sandy, chestnut, mahogany, russet, sorrel, ash, muddy

Red: ginger, copper, flaming, fiery, auburn, sable, terra-cotta, ruby, crimson, carrot, burgundy

Black: ebony, sooty, raven, jet, greasy, ink, midnight, obsidian, onyx

Gray: steel, silver, ash, salt and pepper, iron

White: ivory, pearl, snowy, cotton ball, milky, fleecy

You can find some of these descriptions in my debut novel, Culture Shock. I like to bring my characters alive with descriptive writing. Hair color is just one aspect, but it can say a lot  about a character, so don't skip over this seemingly insignificant detail.

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