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Review: Hidden Gem by India Lee

Review : Hidden Gem by India Lee

Title: Hidden Gem #1

Author: India Lee

Published: 2011


Lavishly disguised pop singer, Queen Bee, is known abroad for her high-fashion wardrobe and killer vocals. In the states, she's just Gemma Hunter - shy suburban teenager in her strange new role of high school junior.

Luckily, Gemma is taken under the wing of the fiery and popular Madison, who leads her into the high school life of the charmed. Her world as Gemma quickly becomes everything she ever wanted in a normal life - that is until international teen heartthrob, Tyler Chase, announces his celebrity crush on Queen Bee. Suddenly, Gemma's alter ego becomes a household name as the handsome singer's loyal "Tyler Chasers" create a frenzy to discover her true identity.

And just when Gemma thinks she can hide from the celebrity drama in her high school life, Lucas - her next door neighbor as well as Madison's boyfriend - develops an interest in her that goes far beyond platonic, and Gemma soon learns that rumors aren't strictly for the stars.

~My Thoughts~:

Hidden Gem was a cute, mild YA read. It wasn't action-packed or full of romance, even though it had its moments. I really liked the book. It showed the double life of Gemma/Queen Bee (who I think was inspired by Lady Gaga) as both a pop goddess and a regular high school student trying to keep her fame over wraps in order to enjoy her teenage years.

Gemma has many (3) love interests in the book Lucas and Damien for when she's Gemma (oh Damien, you're still my fav) and Tyler Chase, a famous pop singer (who I think was inspired by Justin Bieber) for when she's playing Queen Bee.

It really played into Gemma going through a real high school experience: gossiping friends, mean girls, sports, prom. All good fun stuff she would miss out on if she hadn't kept her identity hidden. So she goes on a journey and struggles with her original identity as herself.

It was a quick read and I really liked it, but I'm not rushing to get to the second one.


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