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Stay-At-Home Mom As Writer / Author

Stay-At-Home Mom As Writer / Author

It all started after having my second child. Instead of paying someone else $200/week to babysit my children while I worked full time, we decided I stay home with them. It was the best decision we've ever made. Yes, we had to live on a tight budget, but no, I don't regret having to sacrifice the luxuries we once enjoyed.

New luxuries were afforded once I was home with my children. We spent tons of quality time together and I was able to teach them important life lessons. I still worked an accountant job from home doing small contract jobs here and there for clients, but other than that I was mommy and wife.

Months after I decided to stay home full-time and work from home, my hubby got deployed for a second time to Iraq (he's on his third tour now, but in Afghanistan). I instantly lost my live-in babysitter for when I had to meet clients.

Lacking a true support system at the time with family far away and friends busy with work and family, it was just me and the kids. With daddy overseas, we found our days spent mostly at home, playing in our backyard, going to mommy group playdates, and playing at the park. It was a blast. The time I spent with my children when they were teeny is irreplaceable.

There were lulls in my day. Naptime, snack time for kids, early bedtimes, etc...Me being a night owl and sick of the same old stuff on TV, I decided to read. Reading brought out my inner artist and my true nature to create beauty. Late at night I found myself putting down my latest book, overtaken by inspiration to jot something down. Dialog between characters, a quick poem, song lyrics. I even dusted off the old keyboard (my house being too small for a piano) and started rattling away on the old ivories.

It filled my free time with personal happiness which made me a happier mommy. I loved my family time and I loved my "me" time as well. I found my outlet for my insane imagination through writing. So I decided to start writing a novel. The first two were total crap. The third one is what I call my debut novel, Culture Shock. It's got it all. Mystery, romance, supernatural, and humor all wrapped up into a 676 page package.

Now I am working full-time for a nonprofit, kids are in school, and hubby is deployed again. I still find time to write whenever I can. I busted out 7 chapters this weekend for Shock Wave (Culture Shock #2) in between soccer games and visiting out-of-town family.

My creativity has soared as of late by connecting with a friend that's just as artsy-fartsy as I am. She and I prattle on into the wee hours about anything and everything. She's a fabulous photographer (she's my cover designer - Bonnie Estell Photography), a kick ass singer, mommy of four, and a wonderful friend.  

 Even though normal life takes most of my time, I still find time to write just about every other day. During daylight hours I am still that supermom I like to think I am, but in the night, I am an author, an artist.

***Read an excerpt from Culture Shock, my debut novel and a love story with a dangerous edge.

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CULTURE SHOCK is a witty tale of mystery and romance with a large helping of southern hospitality.

Macy Holmes is a seventeen-year-old socially-isolated introvert since her best friend's death a year ago. When her family decides to move from Manhattan to the quaint country town of Bougainvillea, Florida, Macy finds she's in a completely different world. Macy is no longer the outsider hiding behind designer clothes when she is sought out by three strange students, one of whom she is particularly interested in. The more time she spends with Chad the more things don't add up. When his true identity is finally revealed, Macy is pulled into a supernatural society with its saturation of inhabitants residing in Bougainvillea.

You would think she has enough on her plate, but no, then her dreams become infiltrated by an external magical force, Macy and her band of supernatural misfits must find the culprit behind the magic-induced nightmares. They must dodge zombie assassins, shifty shape-shifters and high school bullies in order to stop this perpetrator before Macy, her friends or her parents pay the ultimate price. Especially when Macy has the sneaking suspicion that these dreams are reality...


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