Saturday, March 2, 2013

Reason #2: 25 Reasons Why You Should Read CULTURE SHOCK

Reason #2 :Why You Should Read Culture Shock

In anticipation of the book release of Culture Shock by Jeanette Pekala on March 26, 2013, I've decided to have a little fun. Not only will you learn little tidbits about the book, but they are funny or intriguing so you'll find yourself tuning in everyday to see the next installment. The 25 reasons will take you all the way to the day before the release date. Don't forget to read the EXCERPT

The #2 Reason You Should Read Culture Shock by Jeanette Pekala is because:

You believe bacon cheese fries and strawberry malts will cure all that ails you.


***Read an excerpt from Culture Shock, my debut novel and a love story with a dangerous edge.

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