Thursday, January 10, 2013

Walmart Pranks

Walmart Pranks

It's Random Topic Thursday again, folks. My topic today is "Walmart Pranks". These are things I have actually done while in a Walmart before. When I go to Walmart with my sister, cousin,
or friends, we get a little crazy and bored. This is especially true if we are up at my family’s lake house. This is true because there is not much to do in this particular little town except go to Wally World. So when we are in Walmart, we like to entertain ourselves. Here we go:
Condom Dropping: Get the biggest pack of condoms you can find and drop them in old peoples' carts when they're not looking. It's hilarious when they notice it or when other people notice it. Probably my favorite one.
Play Dress Up: Find the craziest, gaudiest things in the store and put them on. I once walked around with a red Angry Birds snow hat, a funky scarf, gloves with monkeys on them, the ugliest jewelry and Elton John sunglasses like it was normal. Try doing it in a group.
Spook the Patrons: Hide in the racks or on a shelf and bust out of them when someone is walking down your aisle. It scares the ever-lovin' crap out of people. Just avoid doing it to the elderly. You don't want to be the cause of a heart attack.
Make Noise: Various ways to do this. Turn all the radios in electronics to different obnoxious stations and blast the volume to ear-splittin' heights, set all alarm clocks to go off at once, or turn on every toy that makes noise down one aisle. It's a classic!
Sword Fights: Wrapping paper rolls make great swords.
Shopping Cart or Big Wheels Racing: Self-explanatory
Place Innocent Toys in Compromising Positions: I'll give you the example of what I've done. You know those light up Reindeer that suburbanites put on their lawns during Christmas time. Well, Walmart had a display of those babies one year. Well, let's just say I had one humping the other one and it was a sight to see. Got some great comments. See some folks are appreciative of my artwork from time to time.
This is a random topic but it will be making a comedic relief type scene in a book I'm currently writing. If you want to find out more about the YA book that will be released this month, CULTURE SHOCK, you can find an excerpt here
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SO, WHAT SORT OF CRAZY OR SILLY PRANKS HAVE YOU DONE AT WALMART? Please share....I love hearing from readers!
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