Friday, January 25, 2013

Culture Shock - Status Update

Culture Shock - Status Update

Even though it only took me three months to write Culture Shock, it has taken nearly a year to get to the point of completion.

Late last night, my cover designer and I were able to narrow down our vision for the cover. The image is awesome. Better than I could ever want. It conveys exactly what I wanted--an elegant  vintage horror. It also conveys the right amount of mystery which is important due to the nature of the story.

It took us so long to determine the text and text color. The font is perfect. Beautiful yet scary.  My cover designer is excellent and worked very hard to perfect my vision. I also had the graphic designer at my job take a look at it and she gave us an invaluable suggestion. Absolutely solved the problem we were having making it just right.

I've gotten some feedback on it already and I'm stoked with the responses I get from people. It's invigorating and refreshing in this lengthy process called fiction writing.

The cover should be completed today so I'll have a cover reveal soon. Then it's time to get down and dirty...formatting. Blah! I hate formatting. I do it at work when I update our website and compose certain documents for my organization and I dislike it every time. I wish I knew more about formatting when I started writing this piece so I could implement what the publishing process needed before this stage in the game. With the sequel of Culture Shock, Shock Wave, I've already starting formatting in between writing sessions (only when my creativity is lacking, otherwise I only focus on creating the most believable, exciting text imaginable).

Being new to this industry has been a bumpy road, but with research I've taught myself the in's and out's. After the cover is revealed and I lock myself in a bedroom for the weekend to format, I'll be releasing ARC's (advanced reader copies). If you're interested, please email me at . I'm also available for interviews if you want some great content for your blog, please email me if you're interested in that too.

I'm becoming a goodreads author too after the cover reveal. It should be about a month to a month and a half for the actual release date of the final product. I cannot wait for the release date, but I'm being patient because I want to do this right.

If you have any extra advice for a novice author in this stage of the process (like how to create hype before the release date), please let me know. I would appreciate any and all advice.

If you want to read an excerpt of Culture Shock, please click HERE.

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Thanks for Reading....Stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. You SO better send your FAVORITE SIL an advanced copy, cause I KNOW where you LIVE!

  2. My dearest SIL,

    The advance reader copies are electronic versions of the book. Is that okay? They should be ready within 2 weeks. It's to receive some good reader reviews before the release date!!!

    Love, Your fav SIL