Wednesday, November 14, 2012

From Sugar High to Turkey Coma....a season to celebrate!


***I'm doing this post in honor of my soon to be released book, CULTURE SHOCK (find the link for an excerpt below). Macy, the main character was born on Thanksgiving Day and she's named after the Macy's Day parade in NYC. There's also a scene in the book toward the very end that includes a typical TG (Thanksgiving) scene. Keep CULTURE SHOCK in mind around the holidays. It's a hilarious, mysterious romance in the YA urban fantasy genre.***

I know we're all still recovering from our sugar overload comas from Halloween but there is an equally important food holiday coming up...Thanksgiving! Personally one of my favs since my birthday is usually within the same week as TG or even sometimes landing on the day itself.

Not this year though. This year I'm turning...dom, dom, dom...Thirty! Yikes! It even hurts to write it. So I'm claiming ignorance is bliss on this one. I'm ignoring my b-day and if anyone asks how old I am, I will answer, "29...again"--last part is a whisper. So now that the focus is off my dreaded birthday, let's focus on what really matters...Thanksgiving!

TG is one of the greatest holidays because it brings families together. I know after driving for seven hours in standstill traffic with two kids screaming over "Finding Freakin' Nemo" in the car, there better be a full array of goodies when I get to my destination. Enjoying TG with family and friends is a joyous occasion. Another thing I love about TG is that it is one of the holidays that is truly 100% American. Gotta love that! TG...made in America baby!

So what it boils down to is the one time this year you are allowed to pig out without repercussions. Dieting doesn't count on TG. It's a fact...Google it! I think it's even written in the 10 Commandments or the Bill of Rights or whatever. Trust me on this one! TG is about giving thanks but it's also about the food! So here's my question:

What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition dish? Does your family serve anything unusual? Would love to hear it....Please comment below!

My favorite TG dish is: cranberry sauce in a can (yes, I know...I'm gross...whatever...suck it!) and candied sweet potatoes. Sometimes we have pasta (we are Italian after all), but I think that's the extent of our far-fetched TG dishes. Nothing too out there for my peeps!

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Need Cuss Words!!!!

I need some really good cuss words

I've come up with some really creative cuss words. My husband being a main contributor, but I've run dry. If you can lend me a hand in supplying them, I'll acknowledge you in the novel I'm using them in.

In Scavenger Hunt, the novel I'm currently writing, there is a character that says the most uncommon and frankly hilarious cuss words imaginable. I've come up with some great ones, but need some help.

Please comment a few select ones on this post. If I like what I see, I'll include you in the acknowledgement page of the novel, also gifting you a free copy.

Please keep this site PG-ish by using "*" in place of some letters. For example, "Holy Sh*tbag".

Thanks! You all fu*king rock!!!!!!

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Love to hear from y'all!!!

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