Sunday, November 4, 2012

Need Cuss Words!!!!

I need some really good cuss words

I've come up with some really creative cuss words. My husband being a main contributor, but I've run dry. If you can lend me a hand in supplying them, I'll acknowledge you in the novel I'm using them in.

In Scavenger Hunt, the novel I'm currently writing, there is a character that says the most uncommon and frankly hilarious cuss words imaginable. I've come up with some great ones, but need some help.

Please comment a few select ones on this post. If I like what I see, I'll include you in the acknowledgement page of the novel, also gifting you a free copy.

Please keep this site PG-ish by using "*" in place of some letters. For example, "Holy Sh*tbag".

Thanks! You all fu*king rock!!!!!!

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Love to hear from y'all!!!

Happy Reading,


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