Friday, October 12, 2012

Projects in my Pipeline...Updated!

Current Writing Projects

Culture Shock:

My first complete novel. A young adult urban fantasy. You can go to to read an excerpt. Currently I'm trying to network and send out my queries. It's very slow going because recently my husband has been deployed so I am acting as a single working mother. There isn't much time to myself these days. In addition, traditional publishing is an extremely slow process.
 I've sent out about 30 query letters, some with a sample of the work--if it was requested. I've heard back from about 20 now. All no's. :( But I'm not discouraged one bit. I know the chances of being published traditionally are slim, but all it takes is 1 yes. Just 1! So I'm going to keep truckin'. I'm still writing everyday and I feel my craft is getting better and better.

Shock Wave:

The second novel in the Bougainvillea Series. I've been working on it and have a general outline. It's a bit more serious than Culture Shock, but still chock full o' laughs and crazy antics. I'm working on scenes for the ultimate nudist/redneck wedding.

A lot of the story will take place on Cedar Key on the Gulf of Mexico. It's like a cracker beach community. Old Florida. So I want to take a trip there in the near future (I've been a million times before) to try to get the feel of the area so I can properly describe it. I feel that if I do it from memory, it won't be as good. I need to immerse myself in the setting, atmosphere and culture of the area so I can do it justice.

Scavenger Hunt:

Right now....this very moment....I am working on this piece. It's a love story between two people who hate each other and are complete opposites. One that confronts everything head-on and the other who flees and runs when life gets too tough. Together they go on a zombie fighting mission. There is much more than just zombies and romance. This will also be a challenge for me since my first series is told completely in first person, Macy Holmes. In Scavenger Hunt, I'll be telling the first person POV through Rachel and AJ. This should be interesting. I feel that the story couldn't be told correctly by just using one person. It will make it feel more alive to get the input of both characters.

I'm actually diving a little bit more into science fiction, not much....don't be scared, on this one. A little genetics with your fantasy anyone? Unlike the Bougainvillea Series (Culture Shock and Shock Wave), Scavenger Hunt is an adult fantasy novel. It's completely different but I think this will be a real hit. It's very infantile in its development, but I have big ideas for it. You'll just have to wait and see.

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