Thursday, October 18, 2012

Is it that time again?


Random Topic Thursday

Red: Extreme anger or red roses (my fav).

Orange: Gator color (GO GATORS!) or the fruit, orange.

Yellow: being sick, like jaundice or when you feel you're about to get sick and your skin turns a sickly yellowish hue.

Green: My old bedroom. It was half forest green with an ivy leaf border and the top half was white. My bedspread was even green ivy leaves with little purple flowers. Let's just say, it used to be my favorite color and now you will not find a splash of it in my wardrobe or in my home...

Blue: My eyes. Well, they were blue (a light grayish blue) for all of my life until about 2 years ago. They have turned to green (wonderful favorite color....ack!). And the ocean, not the Jersey Shore, that's brown. The Caribbean has the most perfect shade of turquoise. Crystal clear blue waters, turning a deeper indigo farther out. Gorgeous!

Purple: Amethyst gemstones and my now favorite color. I wear more purple than Barney did. Love it! Also, I think of America, the Beautiful...Purple Mountains, Majesty (you know the line)...This is going to make me cry. When my grandfather was ill we went to visit him at a nursing home while he was recovering. He was getting better and was nearly ready to go home. One night we all went to visit him. I think it was Thanksgiving. We all sat on the front porch of the facility in rocking chairs and we all started singing America, the Beautiful. Just us kids at first, then the grown-ups piped in. My grandfather started singing at the line...for purple mountains, majesty. I'll never forget. It made me cry then and I'm crying right now. He never made it home. He died shortly after Christmas that year.

White: Boring, plain, blinding sunlight, stains (because evey time I wear a white shirt, I am guaranteed to get a stain on it before the day is through).

Black: Another of my favorite colors. That is probably because I like things sick and sinister, which is so strange because I'm a light-hearted, positive person with a bubbly personality (so I've been told). But I'm just drawn to the wacky and deranged and black is a usual color associated with the sick and twisted.

So what do these colors or other colors mean to you?

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