Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Topic: What's your favorite odd sport?

Hmm....What's my favorite odd sport? I actually have two.

The first one is curling. Seriously? What kind of name is that for a sport first off? Also, it's shuffle board on ice...How difficult could it be??? It's national sport of active adult communities and it's an actual Olympic sport people. That's almost as bad as twirling being an Olympic sport. BUT....I have to say it's entertaining. The curlers??? (is that what you would call one who plays the sport of curling?)...anyway, the curlers get soooo intense like shoving a weighted puck down the ice is a matter of life and death that it's too hilarious. I can't watch it for the competitive value....I watch it for the entertaining value. It is very entertaining. It's the reality shows of Olympics sports...just plain ridiculous, but you keep watching.

OKAY, now to my second favorite odd sport...I don't know if you would consider it a sport, but ESPN was covering it one day. It was rock, paper, scissors. I kid you not, I was flipping through the channels one day bored because it wasn't football season (tear :( ) and I happen to breeze upon a rock, paper, scissors tournament on ESPN. The players were dressed up like it was Halloween too! It was purely classic and I think the entertainment value trumps curling any day! Look for it when there are absolutely no professional sports being played. You'll love it!


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