Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to be a Writer ... While Having a Full Time Job

The motivation to write is always there. Even when I'm standing in line at the grocery store with my two kids wailing that they want candy (seriously why do they need to put the candy right near the check out line?...evil grocery demons) and this is after a looooooong day at work. An idea for one of my books will hit me standing there among the pandemonium and I will put the string cheese on the belt and pull out my handy dandy composition notebook that I lug around with me everywhere and jot down my idea.

 My book ideas come to me at the strangest moments....I know. Can anyone say bathtub? Yes, I ran freaking naked through the house to get my comp book to jot it down. I made the mistake a couple years ago of saying, "oh yeah, I'll just remember to write it down when I get home". Uh huh...yeah, that never worked. I either forgot completely or my thoughts weren't right. Oh and my my damn dreams. I wake up freaking out from my crazy sadistic mind and have to jot down what I just thought of...yes, my mind is sick and twisted yet wholesome...

I work full time and act as a single mom while my hubby is deployed and I still find time to write. It's super duper difficult but I find the time. On the weekends before the kids wake up, I'll hook my coffee IV up to my vein and get to typing or after they go to bed...even though I'm exhausted from work and everything else, I still feel it's important as a writer to WRITE EVERYDAY!

Yes, write everyday is a belief in which I live by. Even if it's a sentence or an idea for the plot, doesn't matter what it is but during your hectic life with kids and full time jobs you still want to perfect your craft and what you love to do and for me that's writing and having people immerse themselves in the world you create with your imagination and say they loved it. (Run-on sentence anyone? Bueller? Bueller?)

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For now...I'm hitting the rack (as hubby would say). Happy Reading!



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