Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review: "Spiked Snowballs and Flaming Cats"......... A MUST READ

Can a single kiss, a few spoken words, or a redheaded cheerleader alter the course of your life? Confronted with his own mortality, a crumbling economy, and the loss of everything he holds dear, a husband and father of three fears that his troubles are retribution for the sins of his youth—the wrath of consequence. In this thoughtful, funny, and heart-wrenching memoir of bullying, teenage angst, lost innocence, cancer survival, and the triumph of courage over fear, John Daly transforms an ordinary life growing up in 1970’s New Jersey into something extraordinary.
Just released!!!! John C. Daly's "Spiked Snowballs and Flaming Cats" is available on Amazon and Nook for only $3.99.
Here's my review:
This soul-searching memoir brought tears to my eyes and laughter to my ears.The story of an ordinary man and his journey from growing up in New Jersey to raising a family to being diagnosed with colon cancer. Read as he fights his inner battle with flashbacks from his past and why John C. Daly believes what he's done in the past has contributed to his present fate--being diagnosed with cancer. The wrath of consequence. This emotionally deep, heart-wrenching, extraordinary tale will have you begging for more from this author.
Author's website, where you can find the link to the book:

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