Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stress Management

I've developed a fun new section of the blog. Here's the gist: I generate a random topic and I want your take on it. What you do, what you think, experiences, etc. anything that pertains to the random topic at hand. Here's the first:

What do you do to take the edge off? How do you relax? How do you de-stress?

Here's my answer:

I read a book while taking a long excruciatingly scalding hot bath (until my skin reddens) then wrap myself in a fuzzy robe and continue reading.


  1. I write. Writing is the salve to all my wounds, the cure to all my ills. And if that fails I play mindless computer games until I get a new idea to write :)

  2. Writing is definitely a stress reducer. It brings your mind to another place away from your troubles. And yes, mindless video games will do that too. LOL. The more mindless the better.