Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Favorite Music to Write to...

Music is one of the most inspirational things out there.

Music can help you get in the mood for just about anything. Depending on the scene I'm writing, I love to incorporate music in the background to set the mood and get me totally entranced with the scene I'm writing.

Rock music or heavy metal is the ultimate best when writing a fight scene or action scene.

Pop music when I'm being silly.

Slow songs for when I'm trying to concoct a love scene, which I find is probably the most challenging to do. Don't know why. I have plenty of love in my life. LOL.

Or when I'm writing dialogue for a particular character, I turn on a song that represents them best and it sets the tone for me to be able to write from within that character. To be that character.


The absolute best writer's soundtrack, especially in the genre I write (urban fantasy) is the background soundtrack to Skyram (the video game). Seriously, it's the greatest. I find I write my best no matter what kind of scene I'm currently writing.

When my husband would turn on the PlayStation and play Skyram, I would instantly open my laptop and wait for the music to begin. It's instant brain stimulation. You need to try it! 


  1. Love listening to rock music when I'm writing. Shinedown to be more precise.

  2. I do the same thing. I have different playlists on my computer for different types of scenes. I also think that soundtracks from movies that are like your books are great as well. When I write fight scenes I love listening to a Scottish pipe and drum band called Albannach, they're something so ancient and tribal about them. And my editing secrete to stay sane is listening to Irish fiddle music or Gaelic Storm ;)

    1. Interesting...I'll have to try it sometime. Sounds pretty cool!

  3. I like playing slow songs when I'm brainstorming. SOmetimes I try to sing along, but I have been told I am not the best at it. I'm a new follower great blog, follow back! :)

  4. We all think we're great singers. I'm guilty of singing and my kids covering their ears...LOL