Friday, July 27, 2012

Dog-eared or Bookmarked?

With the influx of e-books in today's world, people are forgetting the art of the physical hardcover or paperback. Personally, I prefer an actual book over its electronic counterpart.

 I must confess, I do have a Nook app on my phone, so I am  guilty as charged, but I only use it when the paper-version of the book is unavailable. That is the whole reason of why e-books are increasingly gaining popularity. It's because of the convenience. All I have to do is search, click, confirm, download (the process seriously takes a minute.), as compared to driving to the store (gas prices...yikes!), scanning the shelves, hoping the first store has it, if not, you're searching all over town, or borrowing from the library, whatever you do. It's time-consuming and this is the information age. The quicker you can get the information the better. Everything is at our fingertips (literally).

BUT....I still love my paper books. There's something so authentic about them. I like to take long hot baths and you can't take your e-reader with you. Plus, you can take a paper book anywhere! You don't have to worry about battery life, dropping it, etc...

So after my rambling, here's the question I have for all of you out there that love paper books as much as I do....

Dog-eared or Bookmarked?

Do you dog-ear your pages to save your place or do you use a bookmark?

Here's my answer:

I have two little monsters that I claim to be my children, who like to pull a bookmark out of my book and look at it, draw on it, tear it up, whatever they fancy on that day of the week, so that is why I dog-ear. It's harder for them to pick it out within the pages (even though they still do, but the crease remains...haha). I know it's bad for the books, blah, blah, blah. I don't care. I have kids and I'd like to save the place in my current reading material.

So how 'bout you? Dog-eared or Bookmarked?

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Happy Reading!


  1. I bookmark with an index card. I'm often reading on public transit. If I have a thought about the book, really liked a passage, or found something I want to research, I jot it down on the index card. I really don't like to dog ear because I pass on my read books to friends or donate them to the library. I feel uncomfortable with passing on books with creased pages.

  2. That's a great idea to bookmark with an index card. I've never thought of it before. I'm like that too, where I see something in a book that I want to look up, but I usually just write it on scrap paper (receipt, candy wrapper, whatever is available), but the index card is perfect. Dual purpose: bookmark and notepad. Genius!