Monday, June 4, 2012

Projects in my Pipeline

1) "Culture Shock": In the process of being edited. Then it's off to agents...I can't wait to start sending this out. It's my first completed YA novel and I think it's fantabulous!!!

2) "Shock and Awe": Follow-up to "Culture Shock". It's the 2nd book in the Macy Holmes Series. It has more antics and danger than the first book. I'm thrilled with the progress I'm making. I know the characters now, so they are easier to write about. I feel like the characters are my closest friends. Things get crazy in the follow-up book and very unexpected. I'm looking forward to the finished product.

3) "Scavenger Hunt": New, original, start-from-scratch characters. Let's just say characters with superhuman abilities are to be expected. To sum it's a kick ass love story with zombies. Fresh and original in a way zombies have never been before. I have not determined if this will be YA or Adult urban fantasy or if it's a stand alone novel or a series. We will see.

Happy Reading!



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