Friday, December 28, 2012

Author Quotes - Writing Tips from Famous Authors

Famous Author Quotes, Writing Tips from Famous Authors 

I thought this would be a pretty cool post: quotes from well known authors. Some writing tips are helpful, some funny and some interesting. Here's the list I've compiled. Enjoy!

“If you want to be a writer,” says Stephen King , “you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”


When asked what was the most frightening thing he had ever encountered, novelist Ernest Hemingway said, “A blank sheet of paper.”


Erica Jong–who in “Seducing the Demon” defined a writer as “someone who takes the universal whore of language and turns her into a virgin again”


Kurt Vonnegut: “Find a subject you care about and which you in your heart feel others should care about. It is this genuine caring, and not your games with language, which will be the most compelling and seductive element in your style.”


James Patterson’s method is simple: “I’m always pretending that I’m sitting across from somebody. I’m telling them a story, and I don’t want them to get up until it’s finished.”


Show, don't tell. This advice comes out of most every writing class taught. Chekhov said it most clearly when he said, "Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass."


John Steinbeck:  "I’ve always tried out material on my dogs first."

Prioritze your writing. “Let the grass die. I let almost all of my indoor plants die from neglect while I was writing the book. There are all kinds of ways to live. You can take your choice. You can keep a tidy house, and when St. Peter asks you what you did with your life, you can say, I kept a tidy house, I made my own cheese balls.” ~ Annie Dillard.
That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed this list of writing tips from famous authors. Now if you want to read an excerpt from an up and coming author, you can click here and read the first chapter of CULTURE be released in January 2013.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Theme: Top Ten Tuesdays

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite Books

I've decided to start a new theme every Tuesday called "Top Ten Tuesdays". It could be Top Ten anything. I'm starting off easy with Top Ten Favorite Books. Here we go:

1. Vampire Academy Series, Richelle Mead

2. Seduction and Snacks Series, Tara Sivec

3. Twilight Series, Stephenie Meyer

4. The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

5. Fifty Shade of Grey, E.L. James

6. The Host, Stephenie Meyer

7. Delirium Series, Lauren Oliver

8. Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell

9. Perfection, R.L. Mathewson

10. Divergent, Veronica Roth

Honorable Mentions:
Beautiful Disaster, Jamie McGuire; The Thorn Birds, Colleen McCullough; Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs Series, Molly Harper; Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse Series), Charlaine Harris.

Okay, okay I'll stop. There are just so many that I love. Share with me your top ten. I'd love to pick up a book I haven't discovered yet!

Soon-to-be-released CULTURE SHOCK, my debut novel should be out some time in January. Read an Excerpt here.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Tara Sivec Does it AGAIN! Love her!

Troubles and Treats by Tara Sivec

Drew and Jenny have spent years being the envy of their friends with their out of control sex lives - well, not really. Mostly it makes their friends want to throw up in their mouths a little.
With two little kids and two busy lives, for the first time, Drew and Jenny aren't on the same page in the bedroom. Drew will stop at nothing to get his previously amorous wife back in the sack and Jenny will do anything for a full night of sleep.
Carter and Claire, and Jim and Liz are their usual (un)helpful selves and are full of advice for the disconnected duo, wanting nothing more than to help restore order to the usually happy couple's lives.
In the third and final installment of the Chocolate Lovers Series, will Drew and Jenny find the spark that's been missing in their marriage, or will the trouble they're having cause a stickier situation than the time Jenny poured honey all over Drew and he fused himself to a tree?

My Review:

Is it wrong that I love her so much I want to have her babies?

Her books are so laugh out loud hilarious I can't get enough of them. They are so mind-in-the gutter crazy with the dialogue (which I love, wish I had the guts to spew some of the sh*t she does in published works) and some of the craziest antics ever. I was dying laughing the whole time that my son turns to my daughter and asks, "what's wrong with mommy?" Yes, it's that hilarious. She is def one of my fav authors and the series is one of my favorite of all time. I thought the series was over ending with Claire and Carter, but Tara Sivec comes back around 4 years after the last book ended and uses Drew and Jenny as the main characters who were probably the craziest and most hilarious (seriously, how many more times can I say hilarious, but sorry it's just so hilarious, I can't think to describe it any other way) characters in this series. I'm glad she did a take from their perspective.

At the end of "Troubles and Treats" there was a sneak peek at Tara's new book, it seems like a serious one not with all the out-of-this-world humor. It comes out in January. I will get it since I love Ms. Sivec sooo much, but I don't know if it will be the same, but I will give it a shot. Who knows? It could be better!!!!!

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On Dublin Street: Review

On Dublin Street

Four years ago, Jocelyn Butler left her tragic past behind in the States and started over in Edinburgh. Burying the grief, ignoring her demons, and forging ahead without any real attachments has worked well for her so far but when Joss moves into a fantastic apartment on Dublin Street, her carefully guarded world is shaken to its core by her new roommate’s sexy older brother.

Braden Carmichael is a man who always gets what he wants. And what he wants is Jocelyn in his bed. Knowing how skittish Joss is concerning any kind of relationship, Braden proposes a sexual arrangement that should satisfy the intense attraction between them without it developing into anything ‘more’. An intrigued Jocelyn agrees, completely unprepared for the Scotsman and his single-minded determination to strip the stubborn young woman bare…to the very soul.
My Review:

Definitely one of my new favs. The beginning started off so tragic but it made the main character much more realistic so you can envision her better and understand her struggles and borderline craziness. The love story between Joss and Braden was so hot! I didn't want it to end. I kinda love that alpha male but sometimes sweet guy. 5 STARS!!!! Great all around!


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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random Topic Thursday: Awesome Recipe

Christmas Dessert Recipe: Easy Peasy Oreo Cookie Balls

This article is from another blog I manage. Since I love to cook and bake I decided to start a cooking blog, The Silly Sicilian. I made these the other night with the kids and they turned out soooo yummy, I had to share. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Easy Peasy Oreo Cookie Balls

Christmas Cookies - Oreo Cookie Balls

These are soooo yummy and so (as my son would say) easy peasy lemon squeezey. Kids love to help with this one. Get them involved with baking around the holidays and you'll have a cherished memory to last a lifetime for you and your children/grandchildren.

Here's what you need:

1 whole package of Oreo cookies
8oz. tub/package of cream cheese
12 oz. package of chocolate rounds/morsels/bits (whatever you'd like as long as you can melt it)

Here's what you do:

Crush the Oreos in a food processor or blender or with a potato masher like I did the day I couldn't find either of the first two (the kids had fun pulverizing them), then fold in the entire pack of cream cheese until well blended.

Next, you will use your hands (remove all will get quite messy), roll the cookie/cream mixture into 1 inch balls and place on a wax-papered cookie tray. Pop in fridge for about an hour.

Before you pull out the balls, you must melt the chocolate. Melt in 10-15 second increments (stirring each time) in the microwave until well melted. Drop one ball at a time into the melted chocolate and fish out with a fork. Drop it on the wax paper and repeat the process with the next cookie ball (lather, rinse, repeat...LOL). After all balls have been dipped, pop 'em in the fridge to harden, then eat as many as you'd like. I forgot to mention...they are calorie-free....because you know calories don't count between Thanksgiving and New Year's...So enjoy as many as you'd like. jk.

Be creative by using different chocolates or by drizzling white chocolate over these (use food coloring in white chocolate for a cool Christmas-themed cookie ball). Chopped nuts are good to sprinkle on top of the still warm chocolate before they harden. But if you want to keep it easy peasy lemon squeezey, just stick to the three ingredients. They look and taste awesome. Adults and kids alike will love these!!!!


The Silly Sicilian

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

From Sugar High to Turkey Coma....a season to celebrate!


***I'm doing this post in honor of my soon to be released book, CULTURE SHOCK (find the link for an excerpt below). Macy, the main character was born on Thanksgiving Day and she's named after the Macy's Day parade in NYC. There's also a scene in the book toward the very end that includes a typical TG (Thanksgiving) scene. Keep CULTURE SHOCK in mind around the holidays. It's a hilarious, mysterious romance in the YA urban fantasy genre.***

I know we're all still recovering from our sugar overload comas from Halloween but there is an equally important food holiday coming up...Thanksgiving! Personally one of my favs since my birthday is usually within the same week as TG or even sometimes landing on the day itself.

Not this year though. This year I'm turning...dom, dom, dom...Thirty! Yikes! It even hurts to write it. So I'm claiming ignorance is bliss on this one. I'm ignoring my b-day and if anyone asks how old I am, I will answer, "29...again"--last part is a whisper. So now that the focus is off my dreaded birthday, let's focus on what really matters...Thanksgiving!

TG is one of the greatest holidays because it brings families together. I know after driving for seven hours in standstill traffic with two kids screaming over "Finding Freakin' Nemo" in the car, there better be a full array of goodies when I get to my destination. Enjoying TG with family and friends is a joyous occasion. Another thing I love about TG is that it is one of the holidays that is truly 100% American. Gotta love that! TG...made in America baby!

So what it boils down to is the one time this year you are allowed to pig out without repercussions. Dieting doesn't count on TG. It's a fact...Google it! I think it's even written in the 10 Commandments or the Bill of Rights or whatever. Trust me on this one! TG is about giving thanks but it's also about the food! So here's my question:

What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition dish? Does your family serve anything unusual? Would love to hear it....Please comment below!

My favorite TG dish is: cranberry sauce in a can (yes, I know...I'm gross...whatever...suck it!) and candied sweet potatoes. Sometimes we have pasta (we are Italian after all), but I think that's the extent of our far-fetched TG dishes. Nothing too out there for my peeps!

Please read an excerpt of CULTURE SHOCK on my website. The book is soon to be released.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Need Cuss Words!!!!

I need some really good cuss words

I've come up with some really creative cuss words. My husband being a main contributor, but I've run dry. If you can lend me a hand in supplying them, I'll acknowledge you in the novel I'm using them in.

In Scavenger Hunt, the novel I'm currently writing, there is a character that says the most uncommon and frankly hilarious cuss words imaginable. I've come up with some great ones, but need some help.

Please comment a few select ones on this post. If I like what I see, I'll include you in the acknowledgement page of the novel, also gifting you a free copy.

Please keep this site PG-ish by using "*" in place of some letters. For example, "Holy Sh*tbag".

Thanks! You all fu*king rock!!!!!!

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Love to hear from y'all!!!

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3 More Days....To Win Free Money

Three More Days Until the Giveaway Ends!!!!

Post a comment anywhere on the blog, as many times as you'd like and you will be entered to win an Amazon $5 gift card...! Not many people have entered so your chances of getting FREE MONEY are really really ridiculously good! ENTER TODAY!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random Topic Thursday!

When disposing of paper: Are you a cruncher or a folder?

As I writer, I always have a pen to paper trying to figure out creative ways to make scenarios work in my books. Like I've mentioned in an earlier post, I jot down every idea I come across whenever I have them, in my little composition notebook.

The scenario I see in the movies of writers typing/writing something on a page, not liking it, then tossing it out. I've never done that because I'll always go back over my notes (even the ones that make no sense at all) and draw inspiration from them. Some times it works and a new avenue of creativity opens up.

So to answer the question, I am a cruncher but not with my writing, only with total trash. Folding? Seriously? I don't have time for that...LOL...jk, Type A's...

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Leave a Comment....Enter to Win!!!!

Leave a Comment....Enter to Win

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Proofreading Tips

Proofreading and Editing Tips for Writers

Here is an article I found incredibly helpful when editing. These are some things I usually wouldn't look for or break down as much while proofreading my own work. It's broken up into a checklist format to help you stay focused. It may take a while but before you publish, you definitely want the most polished, clean version of your work. Readers hate typos and inconsistencies. I know I do, it's very distracting. This will help eliminate them.

Here's the link:

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Is it that time again?


Random Topic Thursday

Red: Extreme anger or red roses (my fav).

Orange: Gator color (GO GATORS!) or the fruit, orange.

Yellow: being sick, like jaundice or when you feel you're about to get sick and your skin turns a sickly yellowish hue.

Green: My old bedroom. It was half forest green with an ivy leaf border and the top half was white. My bedspread was even green ivy leaves with little purple flowers. Let's just say, it used to be my favorite color and now you will not find a splash of it in my wardrobe or in my home...

Blue: My eyes. Well, they were blue (a light grayish blue) for all of my life until about 2 years ago. They have turned to green (wonderful favorite color....ack!). And the ocean, not the Jersey Shore, that's brown. The Caribbean has the most perfect shade of turquoise. Crystal clear blue waters, turning a deeper indigo farther out. Gorgeous!

Purple: Amethyst gemstones and my now favorite color. I wear more purple than Barney did. Love it! Also, I think of America, the Beautiful...Purple Mountains, Majesty (you know the line)...This is going to make me cry. When my grandfather was ill we went to visit him at a nursing home while he was recovering. He was getting better and was nearly ready to go home. One night we all went to visit him. I think it was Thanksgiving. We all sat on the front porch of the facility in rocking chairs and we all started singing America, the Beautiful. Just us kids at first, then the grown-ups piped in. My grandfather started singing at the line...for purple mountains, majesty. I'll never forget. It made me cry then and I'm crying right now. He never made it home. He died shortly after Christmas that year.

White: Boring, plain, blinding sunlight, stains (because evey time I wear a white shirt, I am guaranteed to get a stain on it before the day is through).

Black: Another of my favorite colors. That is probably because I like things sick and sinister, which is so strange because I'm a light-hearted, positive person with a bubbly personality (so I've been told). But I'm just drawn to the wacky and deranged and black is a usual color associated with the sick and twisted.

So what do these colors or other colors mean to you?

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inspiration for Writing

Inspiration for Writing

Where do you find inspiration? I find it in normal life. Yes, the literature I read helps me develop my style and correct my grammar a little bit, but ultimately it is everyday life.

For example, I was daydreaming today at work and remembered a hilarious game of truth or dare that I played as a teenager. Then I thought that it would be a really cool idea to throw that into the novel I'm writing, but in this game the stakes are much higher.

I also listen to people. If I have free time (which isn't very often having 2 kids and working full time), I like to sit at restaurants or coffee houses or bars for that matter (with friends of course...I don't drink alone) and just listen to the conversations that people are having.

Yes, this is eavesdropping and it's incredibly rude, but I don't care. If it will help me perfect my craft, then I can give two hoots about what anyone else thinks. I learn different personality types, quirky senses of humor, and different views about politics, family, work, pleasure, and just life in general.

I find myself picking different personality quirks to create a character. Some of my characters are based off of people I know, but not all. To create some of my characters which are unlike people in my world, I have to create them from scratch especially if their experiences are unlike any I or anyone else I know have experienced before.

Even though I take a lot of what I write by eavesdropping, I am a true believe in the saying, "write what you know". In my debut series, my main character, Macy, is from New York. Though I am not from NY, my parents are and I'm able to give a real perspective on a person from NY. Also, she moves from a big city to a small country town. I can relate to that because I'm from a fast-paced part of Florida where all the cities are close together and there's traffic galore. When I set my sights on college, I wanted to find a place with a more laid-back atmosphere, a country setting. Gainesville filled that bill. Though the college town is bustling, the outskirts are quaint and hardcore down home country.

This setting also helped me create the town of Bougainvillea. Some characters, some of the funniest ones, are actual people. Don't think for one second I'll tell you who they are.

One more pointer....when inspiration strikes, pounce on it immediately. The biggest mistake I made when I first started writing was not writing it down or recording my ideas immediately. By the time I would get home, fire up the laptop and start typing I would completely or partially forget the great idea or concept I had and it just wasn't quite the same.

I have a system now. It's not the very best, but this is what I do. I have a bad habit of stashing old receipts in my purse and forgetting them completely. So let's say I have this spectacular idea for a book in the bread aisle at the grocery store. I'll stop what I'm doing, pull out a tattered old receipt and a writing utensil and jot down my idea. I'll then take it and put it in a particular spot in my wallet and next time I get to typing, I'll know where to find it.

I used to carry around a mini composition (classic black and white marble one) with me but then I would forget it at home and go grabbing a stray receipt. So now I just stick to the receipts.

Let me know where you find inspiration or how you handle ideas or spurs of inspiration in your everyday life....

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Projects in my Pipeline...Updated!

Current Writing Projects

Culture Shock:

My first complete novel. A young adult urban fantasy. You can go to to read an excerpt. Currently I'm trying to network and send out my queries. It's very slow going because recently my husband has been deployed so I am acting as a single working mother. There isn't much time to myself these days. In addition, traditional publishing is an extremely slow process.
 I've sent out about 30 query letters, some with a sample of the work--if it was requested. I've heard back from about 20 now. All no's. :( But I'm not discouraged one bit. I know the chances of being published traditionally are slim, but all it takes is 1 yes. Just 1! So I'm going to keep truckin'. I'm still writing everyday and I feel my craft is getting better and better.

Shock Wave:

The second novel in the Bougainvillea Series. I've been working on it and have a general outline. It's a bit more serious than Culture Shock, but still chock full o' laughs and crazy antics. I'm working on scenes for the ultimate nudist/redneck wedding.

A lot of the story will take place on Cedar Key on the Gulf of Mexico. It's like a cracker beach community. Old Florida. So I want to take a trip there in the near future (I've been a million times before) to try to get the feel of the area so I can properly describe it. I feel that if I do it from memory, it won't be as good. I need to immerse myself in the setting, atmosphere and culture of the area so I can do it justice.

Scavenger Hunt:

Right now....this very moment....I am working on this piece. It's a love story between two people who hate each other and are complete opposites. One that confronts everything head-on and the other who flees and runs when life gets too tough. Together they go on a zombie fighting mission. There is much more than just zombies and romance. This will also be a challenge for me since my first series is told completely in first person, Macy Holmes. In Scavenger Hunt, I'll be telling the first person POV through Rachel and AJ. This should be interesting. I feel that the story couldn't be told correctly by just using one person. It will make it feel more alive to get the input of both characters.

I'm actually diving a little bit more into science fiction, not much....don't be scared, on this one. A little genetics with your fantasy anyone? Unlike the Bougainvillea Series (Culture Shock and Shock Wave), Scavenger Hunt is an adult fantasy novel. It's completely different but I think this will be a real hit. It's very infantile in its development, but I have big ideas for it. You'll just have to wait and see.

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"Falling from Grace" and "Saving Grace" : Review

"Falling from Grace" and "Saving Grace" by Christine Zolendz

Surprisingly Wonderful!!!! I picked this one up because the synopsis seemed alright and the price was perfect. I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. One of my new favorite series.

Zolendz creates such awesome characters. I felt like I knew them personally. I wanted to be Grace and have a friend like Lea. It was a great story.

The chemistry between Shane and Grace is undeniable. Some scorching scenes didn't even involve touching. Be aware there is lots of chemistry, drinking and rock music. You'll enjoy it. It's a good find.

To find out more about me or to READ MY DEBUT NOVEL, Culture Shock, you can go to:

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It's Random Topic F*ckin' Thursday!!!

Holy Cow! I almost forgot. It's my favorite day. Random Topic Thursday!



My earliest memory is of my fourth birthday. I remember it being a pool party at my parents' house. There were more adults there than children and everyone was in a cheery mood.

Donald Duck made an appearance in the form of Joey D., a family friend. I know this because I distinctly remember Joey eating a slice of pizza with the Donald Duck costume still on sans the head. I guess it's kinda hard to eat pizza with a beak.

So, what's your earliest memory?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review of "Futures and Frosting (Chocolate Lovers #2)"

Well, Tara Sivec has done it again. Her first book in this series, "Seduction and Snacks", had me laughing into the night. The crafty, hilarious tale of Claire, Carter, and Gavin with their kooky friends is a one of a kind. The level of comedy is so high, you will barely keep a straight face page by page. Once I found out that there was a second book, I thought no way could she do it a second time, but she has folks. It was great! Highly recommended. Don't read if you get easily offended, but if you have a raunchy sense of humor like I do, it's definitely a must read.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review: Seduction and Snacks

HILARIOUS!!!! Great Read!

Claire is a twenty-something, single mom that grudgingly helps her best friend sell sex toys while she attempts to make enough money to start her own business to give her foul-mouthed, but extremely lovable (when he's asleep) toddler a better life.

When Carter, the one-night-stand from her past that changed her life forever, shows up in her hometown bar without any recollection of her besides her unique chocolate scent, Claire will make it a point that he remembers her this time.

With Carter's undisguised shock at suddenly finding out he has a four-year-old son and Claire's panic that her stretch marks and slim to none bedroom experience will send the man of her dreams heading for the hills, the pair will do whatever they can to get their happily ever after.

Warning: contains explicit sex, profanity and enough sarcasm to choke a horse.


I love a good funny romance. Who doesn't? But this book threw me for a loop. I'm a closet potty mouth with my mind always in the gutter, so this book was right up my alley. Totally hilarious. Backwards, outrageous humor. A great love story and a five-year-old that says "Holy Sh*t". 

I loved the crazy antics and off-the-wall humor. You'll enjoy it. "Has anyone seen Mike Hunt?" Trust me. You'll laugh your a** off.  

Don't forget to check out my website where you can read the first chapter of CULTURE SHOCK:

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Happy Reading!

Random Topic Thursday: How long have you ever gone without sleep?

It's that time again....random topic Thursday.

I ask a random question and you answer honestly. It's a fun break from the norm. The world of writing isn't always a walk i nthe park so every Thursday (when I'm not slammed at my 9-5...shhh, don't tell), I like to throw a curve ball and ask a completely random off-the-wall question.


I was in my senior year of college. It was final exam time and I had worked all weekend (and partied) so when it came to Sunday night when things started to settle down, I started going through my books and syllabi and realized that I have 4 final exams on Monday!!!!! Holy Cow! What is a girl to do?

This is what I did. I'm not proud of it and I've never done it again, but I was desperate. My friend was ADHD and I knew she had a script for Adderall. I hit her up for one and let me tell you I was WIRED. No amount of coffee could get me to stay awake for as long as I needed. I wasn't just wired but I was focused. I was able to study for all 4 tests for 14 hours straight before my first exam began. No lie.

The 24 hour time-released tablet helped with the last minute studying but since I wasn't prescribed the medication it affected me differently. I ended up staying awake for 5 days....5 DAYS!!!! I couldn't sleep no matter what. But by the 5th day after working an 8 hour shift, I crashed. I crashed hard. I've never used prescription drugs since and never will again, but that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. How's that for honesty?

Sooooooo, how long have you ever gone without sleep?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to be a Writer ... While Having a Full Time Job

The motivation to write is always there. Even when I'm standing in line at the grocery store with my two kids wailing that they want candy (seriously why do they need to put the candy right near the check out line?...evil grocery demons) and this is after a looooooong day at work. An idea for one of my books will hit me standing there among the pandemonium and I will put the string cheese on the belt and pull out my handy dandy composition notebook that I lug around with me everywhere and jot down my idea.

 My book ideas come to me at the strangest moments....I know. Can anyone say bathtub? Yes, I ran freaking naked through the house to get my comp book to jot it down. I made the mistake a couple years ago of saying, "oh yeah, I'll just remember to write it down when I get home". Uh huh...yeah, that never worked. I either forgot completely or my thoughts weren't right. Oh and my my damn dreams. I wake up freaking out from my crazy sadistic mind and have to jot down what I just thought of...yes, my mind is sick and twisted yet wholesome...

I work full time and act as a single mom while my hubby is deployed and I still find time to write. It's super duper difficult but I find the time. On the weekends before the kids wake up, I'll hook my coffee IV up to my vein and get to typing or after they go to bed...even though I'm exhausted from work and everything else, I still feel it's important as a writer to WRITE EVERYDAY!

Yes, write everyday is a belief in which I live by. Even if it's a sentence or an idea for the plot, doesn't matter what it is but during your hectic life with kids and full time jobs you still want to perfect your craft and what you love to do and for me that's writing and having people immerse themselves in the world you create with your imagination and say they loved it. (Run-on sentence anyone? Bueller? Bueller?)

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For now...I'm hitting the rack (as hubby would say). Happy Reading!



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Random Topic: What's your favorite odd sport?

Hmm....What's my favorite odd sport? I actually have two.

The first one is curling. Seriously? What kind of name is that for a sport first off? Also, it's shuffle board on ice...How difficult could it be??? It's national sport of active adult communities and it's an actual Olympic sport people. That's almost as bad as twirling being an Olympic sport. BUT....I have to say it's entertaining. The curlers??? (is that what you would call one who plays the sport of curling?)...anyway, the curlers get soooo intense like shoving a weighted puck down the ice is a matter of life and death that it's too hilarious. I can't watch it for the competitive value....I watch it for the entertaining value. It is very entertaining. It's the reality shows of Olympics sports...just plain ridiculous, but you keep watching.

OKAY, now to my second favorite odd sport...I don't know if you would consider it a sport, but ESPN was covering it one day. It was rock, paper, scissors. I kid you not, I was flipping through the channels one day bored because it wasn't football season (tear :( ) and I happen to breeze upon a rock, paper, scissors tournament on ESPN. The players were dressed up like it was Halloween too! It was purely classic and I think the entertainment value trumps curling any day! Look for it when there are absolutely no professional sports being played. You'll love it!


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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Excerpt from "Culture Shock"

Culture Shock

Jeanette Pekala


Nadya loved her life. She was a daughter of a family who loved her. She traveled to different countries, terrains, and regions spreading joy and hope to others. She was part of a band of musicians and herbalists who moved around never staying in one place. She loved the different cultures and colors of the people she would meet. The strange cultures were a mystery to her that she would always want to unlock. Each night, she and her family would perform on a wooden platform stage, which unfolded from their carriage. Performing each night and sleeping in large tents. They traveled with other families as well, some sold goods, food, herbs among other things.

An eccentric foreign man visited their settlement one day and had ushered her parents into their tent. Nadya couldn’t resist, she had to hear what this peculiar man would say. He looked like he came from money, but in a roundabout way. You can tell by his rude manners and the gaudiness of his dress. It was like he was advertising his wealth instead of just being confident in it. Nadya put her ear up to the thick canvas of her family’s tent. “She’s a pretty one, she is.” An English accent. “Oye could pay a pretty penny for ‘er. She’d make you rich and me even richer.”

“Oh, I don’t know, Stefan?” Nadya’s mother addressed her father. What could they be talking about?

“We need the money. She’s nothing but dead weight. We can barely feed ourselves. You say she’ll have a good life. The States, right?”

“Yes. She will be a United States Citizen in a week’s time. She will have a good life. You 'ave my word.” He said it so flourishingly that Nadya figured he bowed at the end of it, as her family band does at the end of a performance.

There was silence for a while, and then Nadya heard her father speak. “Alright then, it is settled. How may we be in contact with her? Is there an address I may have of yours so I may contact my daughter?”

“Of course, 'ere’s me card,” the man says. His voice was definitely English but it was in a businessman’s sly sales voice. Almost slithering like a snake. She’d heard others from their traveling band speak like that when they were hustling patrons. Nadya didn’t like him from the start. She heard rustling in the tent and scurried away to avoid detection.

“Nadya! Nadya!” her father bellowed through the camp.

Nadya came from behind the tent to which her father came from. He was with the strange man, “Nadya. There you are. I have someone I’d like you to meet. Mr. Oliver, this is our daughter Nadya. Nadya this is Oliver, you will be leaving with him.”

“Father? What do you mean leaving?” Nadya could hear her heart pounding faster in her chest, could hear it now in her ear. She felt a little nauseous to be in the presence of this horrid man whom was sickening to her.

“Nadya, as you know, we can barely feed ourselves and times are tough. We can no longer afford to keep you. You must leave. Mr. Oliver has offered to pay a handsome price for you. He will bring you to the States; you will be with a good rich family. You’ll be away from the prejudice of our kind. You will grow up well fed and able to make your own choices. Live in freedom, the American dream.”

Nadya felt bile rise in her throat. This can’t be happening. She’s been sold. “Father, No! Please, don’t,” Nadya begged falling to her knees. Crying out, “please, I am already free, please don’t make me leave with him, please, I’ll be good, I’ll make more money, please, please, please”. The last few words fading into a whispering sob. Nadya heard her mother cry out now from the tent. She was as hysterical as herself. Why would they do this to her? She was nothing but a child, barely sixteen.

“Pack yer things now, girl, right away,” the Englishman said without making eye contact.

Nadya’s father gave her a kiss on her forehead and said, “please don’t cry my darling, we will be in touch. We shall visit each other one day. Go now, see your mother.”

Her mother was crying. Tears were streaming down her face like someone had opened a faucet. Her mother couldn’t even look at her. “I’m so sorry my dear, we have to, I’m sorry. Here,” was all she said. She handed Nadya a book. A thick leather bound book, with parchment pages and handwritten passages. Nadya took the book and her mother patted her hand gently, “Now go. You must leave right away. Take this with you,” she pointed to the book. “It will give you strength when you feel you have none.” She kissed her daughter on both sides of her cheeks. “Go, go, go,” she cried. As Nadya left her family’s tent for the last time, she heard her mother’s whines and wails growing worse and worse with each step Nadya took. She, herself was crying.

The man stepped up and said, “I’ve grabbed yer things, let’s go”. He grabbed her by her arm and dragged her. The force with which he used on her arm, made pain shoot up and sting. I thought he was supposed to take care of me. She got a terrible feeling at that point, this was no friendly trade. She was going to an awful place and there was nothing she could do. She had remembered hearing stories of girls being bought from their families and sold into slavery. She had heard that these girls were thrown into a life of sex or hard labor and never heard from again. She had an odd feeling that that’s where she was headed.

She started kicking and screaming, anything to escape this man with his plans and his hand that was digging harder into her upper arm, making it bleed. “No, let me go, let me go, mother, father, please, help please.” She could see her father in the distance standing in front of their tent. He had a grim look on his face, but all he did was nod and turn to enter the tent through the canvas flaps. He was gone. Her life, as she knew it, as she loved it, was gone.

  Chapter 1

The New Kid (on the Block)

It was a long drive, staring out the window of my daddy’s BMW on the second day of our trip. Not a vacation, a permanent trip. We are moving from New York City (Manhattan proper) to Bougainvillea, Florida. My mama grew up there and has been pining to return ever since she attended NYU where she met my daddy and fell in love.

But daddy is a city man. Always has been. So when my daddy secured a position with his company where he could work out of his home from anywhere in the country, mama started laying it on thick to finally make the move she’s been waiting twenty years to make.

So here we are on our second day. I’ve watch the scenery from my backseat window go from gray and concrete to green and wild. We are just outside of Savannah, Georgia now. “It should only be three hours from here, Macy”, my mama calls from the passenger seat. She’s so excited it’s sick.

I've visited Bougainvillea a couple times over the years for holidays and whatnot. There's not much I remember. There's nothing memorable about the small town. Highway four-forty-one runs straight through town. Wow, there's so much I've forgotten about the town now that we are hitting the city limits. The buildings are far and few between. There’s a post office, a gas station (where you can buy almost anything, from snacks to deer stands), a bar, and a small grocery store. There’s the city’s high school (Bougainvillea High), where I’ll be spending my junior and senior year. Fun, Fun, Fun.

I have to admit, the coolest thing about Bougainvillea is the historical homes, in Antebellum-style, throughout the town. They are truly magnificent and well-preserved since the era in which they were built. Most of the homes still have the original families who built the homes still living within them. Well the same family, but different generation.

There seems to be only two kinds of homes in Bougainvillea. The massive Antebellum beauties and the mobile homes. What I don't understand is how anyone in there right mind can live in hurricane-prone Florida and live in a mobile home. There's something not quite sane about that. There are two mobile home parks in downtown off the main highway and there are mobile homes dispersed throughout the city in the country. Many people have acres and acres of land around town. So I’ll probably be going to school with a bunch of farm kids. Yea. We should have so much in common.

I guess you could say I'm a daddy's girl. My daddy and I loved living in the city. The hustle and bustle. The constant activity. It was exhilarating, well until recently, but I'll get to that.

My mother’s family home had been demolished to build the grocery store in the ‘downtown’ area; I’m told it was beautiful, but never got chance to see it. Right after mama left for college in NY, her twin sister left to go to school at the University of Miami, and their parents died later that year in a horrific hiking accident in the Appalachians. So that left my mama and my aunt Sissy, two poor eighteen year old women with a huge historic home which owed back taxes for many years, so they did the only thing they could, they sold it to the first developer that came along. Now their old childhood home is home of the local grocery store, ‘Wade’s’.

Since my mama’s home is unavailable, we purchased another home. Daddy got a steal on the home we bought. Like all the historic homes around the area, this one has a name. “The Faire Mare Manor” was built by the Corbett family and was originally a gorgeous horse farm owning most of the land around the area, until the post-civil war years, they got into trade and ended up selling off most of their land for their new business practices, so now the home sits on about two acres near the downtown area. I’m excited to see it. Daddy said it’s gorgeous though it needs work. The last family that lived there was foreclosed on, so they left in a hurry and didn’t care about the condition they left it in.

Sticking out like a sore thumb is a total understatement. My daddy’s slick black BMW cruising down the highway through town with New York plates, with two gigantic moving trucks in tow. Yeah, total understatement. People outside the bar and grocer were standing and watching as we pulled into the realtor/travel agent/local bartender’s office off the main drag to sign the final papers for our home. It struck me as a little strange that our real estate closing took place in a bar, but hey, I guess when you live in a small town, you improvise.

When I first heard we were moving to Florida, I figured lounging on the beach with palm trees swaying, sipping a virgin daiquiri and watching the tide roll in. Never in a million years did I think of Florida like this. Instead of palm trees and cool ocean breezes, I got Rodney.

The realtor, Rodney Starks, a classic good ole’ boy with a slow drawl, laid a stack of papers in front of daddy. “This here home goes back to ‘bout the 1860s. True southern beaut. Purdier than a new set of mud tires. Y’all will love it.”

“I’m sure we will,” mama said. She was smiling from ear to ear. She’s wanted this for nearly a fifth of a century. It’s good to see my mama happy. She has been so depressed living in the city. She’s a country girl at heart and just being back in her home town has brought a little more hitch in her giddy up.

After signing all the respective papers, Rodney handed my daddy the keys to our new home. “Now,” Rodney said, dangling the keys in the air above my daddy’s hand, “y’all let me know if them former owners of this here house give you any trouble. When they done got kicked out, they’d been mad ‘nuff to eat barbed wire and spit nails, they was. Y'all shouldn’t have a problem, but if you do, y’all know where to find me.” He finally dropped the keys into daddy’s hand and gave us all a salute. That was Rodney.

We drove about a mile more up the highway, followed by our two moving trucks. To a gravel driveway cover with century old granddaddy oaks with hanging Spanish moss. We followed it for about a quarter mile until it opened up to a gorgeous clearing. The vegetation was a bit overgrown, but the house was substantial.

It was symmetric in every way possible. I like things orderly, neat, and clean. Clean lines and symmetry are a major thumbs-up in my book. It was white. I say was because the paint is starting to peel and it’s nearly beige. The house has clearly not been tended to in a while.

There’s a veranda with white banisters on the top and bottom floors along the front of the house with a red door perfectly situated in the center of each floor. There are four green shuttered windows on the bottom floor and the exact same windows situated on the top floor. It had a front sloping roof. Each side of the house had an identical first floor only extension, with two green-shuttered windows on each and small flat porches jutting out with Grecian-like columns for support. There were a few brick chimneys poking out of the roof line here and there. I counted three.

There was a row of boxwood bushes lining the front of the house and that was it. The rest of the landscaping consisted of overgrown grass and weeds throughout the entire two acres. It was majestic and depressing all at the same time. Man, we have got our work cut out for us.

“A far cry from our park view apartment in the big apple, eh?” Daddy called over his shoulder as we stood there surveying the property for all it was worth.

“Oh, Harry it’s perfect. I believe this is the old Corbett place, right?”

“I believe that’s what Rodney said.”

“I went to High School with William Corbett. He was a nice guy. Was definitely going places. I wonder if he still lives in the area.”

“Well, Boo what do you think?” I blinked back to reality when daddy used his pet name for me. ‘Boo’ was the first word I ever said and was all I said for the first two years of my life, so it stuck.

“Umm, I think it needs a lot of work, but it will be great when it’s done. One, two things,” I held two fingers in the air. “Does it have air conditioning?” I asked, ticking off one finger. “And which of the many windows is my room?” Ticking off the second finger.

They both laughed. My father spoke first, “Air conditioning is a yes. The old owners took it with them, but I made sure one was installed before we moved in.”

“Phew. You know I can’t live without my AC. 'Specially in this blistering heat.” It was seriously ninety degrees and it was autumn. Seriously?

“That’s for sure. As for your room? The two second story windows on the left happen to be your suite.”

He barely finished speaking before I grabbed the keys out of his hand and ran up to the front door. Mama was right behind me. She couldn’t wait to explore this southern gem just as much as I did. “Holy Crap! This key is like right outta Alice in Wonderland.”

“Macy, hurry I want to get in there. Here, give 'em to me.”

I handed her the ancient key and she stuck it in the ancient lock, turned, jiggled, turned again, and the door popped open with a creak.

The inside despite the cobwebs was spectacular as well. Just what you would expect out of an old southern mansion.

You walk right into a square foyer with the highest ceiling I’ve ever seen in a home. It had a brilliant crystal chandelier hanging in the center. Great. Though it was beautiful, I couldn't help but think it wasn't going to be real fun to clean. Directly in front of the foyer and directly across from the front door (yea, symmetry again), was a wide straight wooden staircase with a burgundy carpeted runner, that ran up to a landing with a giant picture in a guilded frame of some man on horseback. Then the landing split into two separate staircases that angled away to each side and upward to the second story. Wow.

Before mama could run off to scope out the place, I tapped her shoulder, “Mama, who’s the old dude?”

“That old dude,” she said pointing up at the oil painting of the older gentleman wearing clothing of a different period, “is William Samuel Corbett the first, the man who built this home.”


“Okay, have fun. I’m gone.” She was already off and running. I darted up the stairs, winked at the old dude, and turned the corner on the landing to the second staircase to the left up to the second floor. There was another white wooden banistered (matching outside—gosh I love this architect) landing there that opened up to the first floor foyer. The landing if taken straight ended into what I’m guessing would be my room. Or my suite as daddy called it.

I’ve always had my own room, being an only child, but never in an actual house. I’ve always lived in apartments or townhouses, but never an actual detached residence. I’m so excited I can barely breathe at this point. No help from the bazillion stairs and dust-laden air.

The door had the coolest antique brass knob. The coolest. I turned it and peaked inside. “Oh my gosh, holy crap, I have a freakin’ fireplace in my bedroom.” I said it out loud because if I didn’t it wouldn’t seem real. I started jumping up and down in delight.

Other than the coolest thing ever; my fireplace, (Wait, let me say it again, my fireplace.), the room had four plain walls in need of paint, a wood floor in need of refinishing, two long windows; the ones visible from the front of the house, and another high ceiling.

The wall all the way to my right caught my attention. At first I thought it was just another set of windows, but it’s actually a French door. The door looks to lead out to a private patio. Okay, so I think my fireplace has just been topped.

Once this room is cleaned up, it will be better than any hotel suite in the Waldorf hands down. Sweet. “Hey Boo,” daddy poked his head in. “What do you think?”

“This has got to be the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.” I ran and gave him a hug. I squeezed him tight. I needed somewhere to focus my energy. Ever since I lost my best friend, Lexi, a year ago in a fatal car wreck, I haven’t been able to share my ups and downs with anyone other than my mama and daddy.

“Good thing too, Boo, because this is where we’re staying. I doubt I could get mama to leave even if I tried my damndest,” he said as he sighed. “So, we’re going to let the movers do their thing. Mama wants to stay behind. You want to come grab a bite to eat with me?”

“Sure. Where to?”

“Bougainvillea’s very own Gourmet Starlite Diner.”

There was nothing gourmet about the Starlite Diner. It was essentially an aluminum  single wide with a neon sign. The inside had a sort of nineteen-fifties theme. They had simple diner food and what they call around here down home comfort foods. The neatest thing about the place was that they had a real soda fountain. There was a retro soda fountain joint in the City that I used to frequent often with Lexi, so just the sight of the hand-dipped ice cream, metal cups and different flavored syrups and whatnot, was a bit nostalgic for me.

After we devoured our chocolate malts and tuna melts. I was waiting for daddy to pay the check up at the register over the counter. I was sitting in my red sparkled booth minding my own business, when I looked up and saw a whole table of kids around my age staring at me.

Huh. Okay I guess the new girl should get some stares. They noticed that I caught them in the act and swiveled in their seats and giggled to themselves. Afterward, they were purposefully ignoring me since now I was a participant in their little game. I gave them closer inspection.

There were two guys and one girl. The girl had severely long red wavy hair and flawless fair skin. She was supermodel skinny. Heroine-addict supermodel skinny. Her back was to me so I couldn’t get a good look at her face.

The first boy was sitting next to her. His back also to me, but when I first caught them spying, I noticed something peculiar about this boy. He was wearing a black hoodie, with the drawstrings tied so tight, the hood was covering nearly his whole face. He had dark aviator glasses on and gloves. Seriously, it’s like ninety something degrees outside. Why on earth would you wear gloves? His skin, what was showing of it anyways, was even paler than the girl’s.

I checked back again to find that they started another round of the staring contest, but noticed I was glaring right at them and they quickly turned around again and started giggling even louder.

There was one more person in this group of crazies that I had a clear view of. His side of the booth was facing me, but he seemed to be holding in his laughter and staring with intensity at the ceiling tiles. He had dark olive skin, a wide mouth, and dark brown eyes. He was huge. Muscles jutting out from his sleeves and protruding through his shirt on his chest. He must be some sort of athlete at the local high school. Great. These people must be my new classmates. I let out a frustrated breath. School might suck, but at least I get to come home to the coolest room ever.

Daddy was finished paying and walked back to the table. I had a full grin on my face after thinking of my new bedroom and how great it’s going to be when it’s fixed up. “Ready to go?”

“Yup.” I grabbed my Louis Vuitton purse (yep, next season’s…that’s right), swung it over my shoulder and tried to exude the most haughty confidence ever as I passed the table of crazies. Growing up in Manhattan can teach you a thing or two when you’re attending school with the future heirs and heiresses of the top fortune five hundred companies in the nation.

I didn’t even look to see the expressions on their faces, but I hope I left the impression of don’t mess with me. I’m important.

On Sunday, we scrubbed the house from top to bottom. Even big wig businessman, my dear ole’ dad, pitched in. He never really helped out with housework, but he loved making mama happy, and getting the house in living condition, would make mama happy.

I hit the sack at around nine o’clock, but I was exhausted. Living on the road, in a car for two days will do that to you. We managed to get most of the house cleaned. At least the rooms we desperately needed were cleaned at the moment. We cleaned my bedroom, my parent’s bedroom, the kitchen, and the bathrooms. My first day at my new school is tomorrow. If my little encounter with the high-schoolers at the diner was an indication, I’m not exactly going to love it, let alone fit in.

That's the prologue and first chapter if you like what you read or hated it. Let me know. I would love to hear your comments. The full manuscript is ready to go...I'm just waiting on an offer...

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Review: "Spiked Snowballs and Flaming Cats"......... A MUST READ

Can a single kiss, a few spoken words, or a redheaded cheerleader alter the course of your life? Confronted with his own mortality, a crumbling economy, and the loss of everything he holds dear, a husband and father of three fears that his troubles are retribution for the sins of his youth—the wrath of consequence. In this thoughtful, funny, and heart-wrenching memoir of bullying, teenage angst, lost innocence, cancer survival, and the triumph of courage over fear, John Daly transforms an ordinary life growing up in 1970’s New Jersey into something extraordinary.
Just released!!!! John C. Daly's "Spiked Snowballs and Flaming Cats" is available on Amazon and Nook for only $3.99.
Here's my review:
This soul-searching memoir brought tears to my eyes and laughter to my ears.The story of an ordinary man and his journey from growing up in New Jersey to raising a family to being diagnosed with colon cancer. Read as he fights his inner battle with flashbacks from his past and why John C. Daly believes what he's done in the past has contributed to his present fate--being diagnosed with cancer. The wrath of consequence. This emotionally deep, heart-wrenching, extraordinary tale will have you begging for more from this author.
Author's website, where you can find the link to the book:

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Review of "Rapture" by Lauren Kate

So....I've read all 4 books in the Fallen series (Fallen, Torment, Passion, Rapture), except for Fallen in Love, which I just learned was added to the series. Rapture was the final book. It just came out this month (August 2012).

The series started out great. The first book, Fallen, drew me in. The second and third books became soooo confusing with all the angel mumbo-jumbo. It was hard to keep up, but as I learned in the final book, Rapture, it was essential to the story.

It was still confusing while reading the fourth book, but exciting as well, yet sometimes it was a little boring or sappy, but I stuck it out. When I start reading a series and like the writer's style, I will stick it out. I'm glad I did because the end was spectacular. Perfect ending.

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Random Topic: Have you ever tried writing a song?

Random Topic:

Have you ever tried writing a song? Did you fail horribly or excel? Did you put it to music or go a Capella? What kind of song was it?

Share your songwriting experiences:

Here's mine:

Oh goodness! I have written some seriously bad stuff and some surprisingly great stuff. Mostly my songs start as poems and progress into music. I even wrote a rap once and busted out the bars with someone beat boxing along (that was my failing horribly was bad), but the greatest songs I think I've written are the ones I make up on the fly.

The cheesier the better when it comes to my songwriting abilities. Mostly my songs are about my dog or putting my kids to bed....(happy times!)

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Stress Management

I've developed a fun new section of the blog. Here's the gist: I generate a random topic and I want your take on it. What you do, what you think, experiences, etc. anything that pertains to the random topic at hand. Here's the first:

What do you do to take the edge off? How do you relax? How do you de-stress?

Here's my answer:

I read a book while taking a long excruciatingly scalding hot bath (until my skin reddens) then wrap myself in a fuzzy robe and continue reading.

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