Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Angel Eyes", Poetry by Nette

"Angel Eyes"

Angel eyes so beautiful
So blue and crystal clear,
As azure as the sky
and as the oceans may appear.

Every morning I see your face
It makes me want to smile,
I see the stare in your eyes
That lasts for miles and miles.

There's nothing that you can't do
with a smile so sweet,
with a mind so peppery
but you do it so discreet.

You keep your eyes busy
nothing leads you astray,
When I want to hold you close
You always run away.

I feel your sense of autonomy
It runs oh so deep,
Just like a river
It follows its own lead.

You'll go off and leave me here
A mother wanting more,
You'll go and do great things
That I know is sure.

You'll bring joy everywhere you go
To know you is a prize,
Each time someone looks
Into your Angel Eyes.

*For Natalia, the silliest, most independent, gorgeous girl around.

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