Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Waiting and Typing"

Well, I just recently finished reading the last of the books I have in stock at home. I recently purchased a few more and put a bunch on hold from the library. I think they are going to be truly pissed when they see how many I've requested for them to hold for me.

While I'm waiting for my new stock to come in, I've been writing. For about a week, I've been uninspired. It's not exactly writer's block, but lack of  inspiration. This morning a bright new idea for the next scene of my novel struck me. Since this morning, I've been hitting the keys. I've been typing for hours and just can't stop. I think I typed constantly from 9-5 today. A full day's work. Well, except for the occasional break to fill sippy cups, feed children, take out toys, clean house, and put on another episode of Dora.

I'm currently working on two projects at the moment. Both are fiction and both are of the romance genre. One is geared more towards young adults and the other is for everyone. I've got a lot of ideas and have been putting them to work over the last few hours.

Over a week ago, I kind of wrote myself into a corner and have been thinking desperately to come up with a solution. Many sleepless nights have contributed to this past week's of lack of inspiration and now it's over. Finally.

I've recently spoke to my Aunt, who happens to be a self-published children's author. She has given me some insight of what to expect and how to try my hand at being published. She's now taken a break from writing, but my children love her books and they have earned their recognition at book signings. Her books are titled Hamster Cheeks and Parrot Pizza Pie  written by Cathy Delittle.

I hope I can take her advise and to also use the love and support of my friends and family to fuel me to a complete one piece of work. Things are rolling. I've set a personal deadline for myself on at least one piece by the end of the summer. The deadline is for the writing, not the editing. That will take a little longer. For now, since I'm waiting...I'll be typing.

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