Monday, June 13, 2011

Kristan Higgins: My New Fever

Just this week, I finished reading my first Kristan Higgins fiction novel, "My One and Only". I loved it. It's characters were believable and the plot was well written. The story comes full circle, which I loose ends!

Even though, after you figure out the relationships of the characters in the story, you quickly figure out what's going to happen in the end. The title kind of gives it away...but it's still fun seeing what the characters go through to get to that obvious ending.

I really enjoyed reading this novel. I finished it in a day. That speaks wonders about the book right there. I'm a particularly slow reader and for me to finish it in a day, means it kept me hooked. It was a great story and I loved reading it, so I'm giving Kristan Higgins another shot...

I'm picking up another one of her novels, "Just One of the Boys" today. I consider myself to a certain extent 'one of the boys', since I love sports, drink beer, and can smart mouth anyone into I can't wait to see  what this novel brings to the table.

Probably my favorite character is the dog, Coco. It's a cute little Jack Russell/ Chihuahua. I know it's silly, but the dog was very lovable and was there throughout the whole story. She had a cute personality all her own.

Kristan Higgins loves hearing from her readers and here's her website if you want to tell her what you think:

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