Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Love, Oh! Love" - Poem by Nette

Love, Oh! Love
Will bring you to your knees
Love, Oh! Love
Will strip you of your dignity.

Love, Oh! Love
Will keep you up at night
Love, Oh! Love
Will make you such a sight.

Love will bring you
Life and laughter
Love will leave you
crying after.

Love makes you feel new
Love makes you feel blue
Love makes your heart true
then tears your heart in two.

Love will make you feel alive
Love will stand by your side
Love will shatter you in a moment
And you may never know it.

Love makes you feel so weak
Love makes you cry in your sleep
Love makes you dream the sweetest dreams
Mostly nightmares though it seems.

Love causes selflessness
Love causes breathlessness
Love makes you feel as if you can conquer all
Love kicks you when you fall.

Love is the ultimate stranger
You feel u are in such danger
Your heart takes the bait
And later your heart begins to ache.

You can feel it in your soul
All the love you have for thee
But love, Oh! love
Is such a tragedy.

-This is a poem dedicated to the time my husband and I went through a long military deployment a world apart from each other. The strong love I felt for him was tearing me apart at the same time.

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